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Unique Engraved Rocks & Stones

We maintain a large inventory of rocks for you to choose from.  They range in size from 3lb to over 100lb river rocks, quartzite and granite boulders.  Our quartzite rocks come in a variety of natural colors (green, rose, white and caramel).  We also stock granite boulders and a variety of flagstone.  Most of our clients want to view our rocks and make their selection in person.  For our customers who cannot pick out their rock in person, we can provide pictures of rocks that fit your design ideas and budget electronically.

Stone Choices

Garden Rocks (small, medium and large boulders)

We offer a variety of decorative rocks for engraving.  We hand-pick each one of these garden rocks at a local quarry.  We can offer these enduring quartzite rocks in many variations of green (Veri-green), rose (Rose Valley), white (Silver) and various shades of cream (Caramel).  We are also able to provide, when available, green and pink granite rocks.  We select our rocks and stones for their natural beauty, shape and color.  These decorative rocks that we choose for our custom engraving have natural surfaces which can be relatively smooth or very uneven.

Flagstone Rocks

Flagstone rocks generally have larger engraving surfaces than our garden rocks.  They are often selected for use as house markers, corporate logos and even wedding or anniversary gifts.  We can provide stones that are imported from various quarries across North America.  They come in many unique colors such as cranberry, salmon, green, and gray.  These are perfect for your custom house marker, stone memorial, personalized garden stone with a family name, family crest or company logo or sign.  Our library of artwork will help you create a unique on-of-a-kind stone gift.  These flagstones are also perfect for a memorial walkway or garden path to remember loved ones or donors.

River Rocks

Luvrocks can engrave your personal unique message into natural river stones.  Corporate logos, family names, birthday, anniversary and wedding gifts are often requested by our clients to be engraved into the stone.  These rocks can also be used to decorate decorative backyard ponds and waterfalls with your personal messages or memories.

Get Creative with Stone

Address Rocks

These engraved natural rocks make a unique one-of-a-kind stone gift.  Many types of stones and tiles can be used to create garden stones, welcome stones, engraved house numbers and stone house address markers.  Our custom carved stones will enhance the beauty of your business or your homes and are perfect counterpoints to your landscaping projects.  They also make the perfect housewarming gift.


Celebration Rocks

Wedding Stones, Anniversary Rocks, Birthday Gifts and more …

Give our engraved stones as a unique and personal wedding gift.  We can personalize the stone with engravings that incorporate your wedding invitation and include your own special design that captures the moment.  Personalized stones with your message make your once-in-a-lifetime event special and unique.  Multi-face or double-sided engraving is also available with the brides’s name, groom’s name, wedding date on one side, and an endearing word or proper name of your special guest on the other side.  We will help you with the details of your design and layout.


Pet Memorials

We have lost a number of our own dogs over the years.  We understand your loss.  We will lovingly craft your pet memorial to the standards that we have provided in the memorials we have made for our own pets.


Other Memorials

We provide unique engraved natural garden rock memorials that fit all natural settings.  Your family memories will be preserved for decades to come.


Gifts Written In Stone

Retirement or moving on:

For those special people you work with, a personalized stone makes a perfect memento for their contribution over the years.  Whether for retirement or just moving on to the next stage in their career, send them off with a beautifully engraved stone that succinctly captures the impact they have made on your organization. 


Our engraved stones make the perfect hostess gift for that special engagement.  A simple personal message that says ‘I love you’ will catch your loved one off-guard.  A carved love heart is not only a wonderful way to express love but a sweet addition to your garden or a loving memento on a desk or shelf of your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.  For example, a stone with …

Always Have, Always Will,
Love Jim”

Will last forever and say what flowers never can.  Get creative and personal.


Corporate Logos

Display your corporate logo and contact information on a slab or boulder.  These can be incorporated into your landscaped garden or attached you the wall of your business.  We are able to transfer your unique logo onto a permanently engraved stone.


How To Order

  1. Select your rock (type, size)
  2. Select your artwork
    (use your own, or choose from our library; we can work with .pdf images)
  3. Choose your inscription

We will determine what size and number of letters will fit on your rock.  After picking out your rock and design, we will help you with the layout to ensure it complements the stone to be engraved.